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Periscope - Enhanced Dissolved Gases and Moisture in Insulating Oil Sensor
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Periscope - Enhanced Dissolved Gases and Moisture in Insulating Oil Sensor – GMP

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It performs real time monitoring of dissolved hydrogen in the insulating oil, as well of the humidity in it. It carries out the measurement without cross-interference by other gases such as the carbon monoxide, so that the maximum sensitivity in detecting defects can be reached, without changes in hydrogen being hidden by constant high CO concentrations. Through the SDG interface, it becomes a Smart Device with full connectivity and onboard engineering models..


Monitoring the presence and evolution of gases dissolved in insulating oil of high voltage equipment such as power transformers and reactors, is an effective tool for diagnosis of its operation conditions.

However, measurements of these gases in the laboratory, through tests of gas-chromatography in oil samples collected periodically for te equipments, could allow a failure during the period between samples, usually several months.


The Treetech's GMP Sensor come fill this gap by providing a real-time monitoring of hydrogen dissolved in insulating oil, since it is considered a key gas for the detection of defects in equipment immersed in oil.


The GMP performs this measurement without cross interference from other gases such as carbon monoxide, in order to obtain maximum sensitivity in detecting defects without changes in hydrogen concentrations are obscured by constant and elevated CO.


The new sensor for gas and moisture Treetech's GMP presents the following innovative features:
• Compact size, saving space and reducing installation costs. More economical;

• Can be installed in a valve with thread ½''. So there are more choices of locations for installation of the Sensor;


• Therefore, it can be installed in places of higher oil circulation.

For example, you can use pipes radiators. Is avoided in this way the oil that remains stagnant at the bottom of the tank;



The GMP performs the measurement of moisture and gases dissolved in insulating oil, displaying on the signs of:


• Hydrogen dissolved in the oil and its trend of development, with prediction of time to alarms;

• Optional, monitoring the percentage of water saturation in oil and associated oil temperature, calculating the water content (ppm) in the insulating oil;

• Alarms by concentrations of hydrogen and water content, high or very high, and for trends of increased concentration of H2 and H2O;




• Autonomous equipment. It has display (LEDs) to measurement and parameterization. The use of SDG's or IDG's HMI is optional;

• A RS-485 communication systems for monitoring or supervision systems;

• Open protocols Modbus RTU or DNP 3.0 (Optional);

• Robust design, exceeding the standards of EMC for operation in substations with severe electromagnetic conditions. Operating temperature -40 to 85 º C;

• Universal Power Supply, 38 to 265 Vdc or Vac;

• 4 programmable output relays;

• 2 mA programmable outputs;

• Self-diagnosis of the conditions of the sensor;

• Protection Degree IP-65, withstanding severe conditions for field exposed to the weather.




Power Supply:


Maximum consumption:


Degree of protection:


Connections - Taking crimp:


Connection to the insulating oil:



Operating Temperature - Environment:


Oil Operating Temperature:


Oil Pressure:


Relay outputs:


Maximum switching power:


Maximum switching voltage:


Maximum current drive:


Serial Communication Ports:


Communication protocols:


Analog outputs:


Maximum error:


Options (selectable) and maximum load:






Measurement of hydrogen:


Measuring range:


Maximum error:


Measurement of Percentage Saturation of Water:


Measuring range:


Maximum error:

Temperature measurement:


Measuring range:


Maximum error at 20 ° C


Mass memory:


Recording interval:



 38 to 265 Vac / dc 50/60 Hz


 £ 8 W


 IP 65 (NEMA 4)


 0.3 to 2.5 mm ², 22 to 14 AWG


 Connection ½''BSP or ½''NPT

 (Recommended to use ball valve or drawer)


 -40 To +85 º C


 -10 To +90 º C


 +1 MPa / Full Vacuum


 4 NO / NC contact with common point.


 70 W(cc) / 220 VA(ca)


 250Vcc / 250 Vca




 1 RS-485


 Modbus RTU, DNP3.0 (Optional)


 2 outputs with common positive


 0,5% of full scale


 0...1 mA, 10kΩ

 0...5 mA, 2kΩ

 0...10 mA, 1kΩ

 0..20 mA, 500Ω

 4...20 mA, 500Ω




 0 a 2000 ppm


 ± 5% of measurement or ± 20 ppm (the higher one)




 0 to 100% water saturation


 ± 2% of water saturation


 One (oil in the sensor module)


 -55 To 200 º C


 0.5% of full scale


 Nonvolatile FIFO (First In First Out)


 1 to 18 hours


 1820 Records




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